Corporate culture, people, and activities

How do you get into working for Oiltanking, what defines practicing this specific profession, and why is the company loyalty so high among employees at the terminals?

Hardly anyone is fully aware of the diversity of this job as a tank terminal worker. The locksmith who suddenly handles dispatch in the office, the electrician who installs circuit boards or replaces valves, the teacher who becomes a train operator or calculates the measurements of a ship – all of this is everyday life in the world of the oil tanker.

This, along with the fact that every Oiltanking employee can contribute and express themselves quite freely, leads to a unique workforce that finds solutions to every problem and knows the answers to all questions.

But that's not the only reason why our people remain loyal to us. Sheltered within a family-owned company, socially well-protected, and financially compensated adequately, life and work are simply a bit more relaxed and satisfying. In addition to these aspects, the favorable work atmosphere at the sites also plays a role.

Many sites are managed by employees who started their careers as tank terminal workers years ago through lateral entry.

With us, you will find a diverse, exciting, and above all secure profession that goes hand in hand with the development of sustainable energy solutions, brings joy, and still makes sense.